The Flower Shop



Our shop

The Flower Shop all began with Larry and Lori Wright, owners of the former Wright’s Family Market. The shop was connected to their grocery store and thus became “Wright’s Floral Market” in October of 2014. In August of 2017 we expanded our walls, grew our team, and gave ourselves a new name. Over the years, “The Flower Shop” was how we – and even our customers – always referred to us. We knew that was to become the shop’s name. It’s simple, but it’s exactly who we are.

We strive to create a space that both welcomes and inspires. We want everyone who steps in to be captivated by some loveliness – flowers, plants, a cup of tea or a smiling face. Our environment also influences our sense of creativity when designing flower arrangements. Understanding the many uses of flower design is vital. Flowers comfort when we are sad; flowers cheer us when we celebrate; flowers tell us someone loves us. Whatever the reason, we will deliver our best work for each and every occasion. Come by and see us; pick something fresh out of the case; enjoy our bright indoor plant section; find hope in our inspiring artwork or take home a cheerful Bear Creek bouquet. We will love to see you!


Our Team

We are a group of women who all share different passions and own different skillsets. We are students, bakers, painters, mothers, and more. Each of us has an appreciation for the flowers nature gives us, and we find beauty in the Lord’s creation. Our team is like a family where we can be honest, open, and encouraging. We believe in working hard, loving well, and laughing often.







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